Jalen Seawright

Jalen Seawright was born in Detroit, MI. He fell in love with music at a very young age and began to sing as soon as he learned to talk. Taking after his father, a successful gospel pianist and songwriter, Jalen immediately gravitated to the piano as an adolescent. Piano came easy to him and very quickly he started to accompany various gospel groups, soloist and choirs. Jalen kept growing in music and went on to win many vocal awards in high school as well as the opportunity to record and sing with various jazz artist such as Greg Chambers, Phil Denny and Nate Harassim. Jalen’s faith is what has driven and inspired him throughout his life. He always knew that he was called by God to lead people through his gift in music. After high school Jalen attended Rochester College on music scholarship and traveled the country with their distinguished A Capella Chorus. During his time at Rochester College Jalen began to feel the call of God on his life even more, and with the help and guidance of family and mentors Jalen decided to pursue a career in music ministry. God ultimately opened the door at Kensington Church in Troy, MI where he is now on staff as the Worship Arts Director. Jalen Seawight has been married to his high school sweetheart, Keyonna for 3 years and the two were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in September of 2017 named Karington. Jalen’s take on music creates a very unique sound that fuses together gospel, Christian and jazz. God is at the center of everything Jalen creates as he continues to share Jesus and touch lives through music.